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The New Brewer Magazine - Sept/Oct 2013


The Importance of Trademark Clearance

In a collegial industry that prides itself on creative branding, how can you reduce the risk of getting into disputes with your neighbors over brand names?
By Marc Sorini  

The Name Game: Trademark Issues Abound

Trademarks are a timely topic in the craft brewing world. The New Brewer takes a look at some specific trademark conflicts and how they were resolved. Or not.
By Jack Curtin

Beyond Mug Clubs

Mug clubs are just as popular with the newest generation of beer drinkers as the previous. However, noteworthy variations on that theme can build a whole new community.
By Stan Hieronymus

Public Tour Safety

Brewery tours are often an important element of branding strategy. However, breweries do present significant hazards. How can a brewery protect itself from potential problems?
By Andrew Troccoli

Crowdfunding a Dream

Crowdfunding websites such as Kickstarter have been giving a boost to entrepreneurs’ start-up capital for almost four years, and new brewers are starting to take notice.
By Jessie Kwak

The S Curve of Craft Beer

It’s hard not to notice some echoes of the classic S-shape in the graph of craft beer market share. What would a diffusion model project for the next five to 10 years?
By Mike Kallenberger



Craft Needs Its Definition
By Charlie Papazian

News & Views

Focus on Brewery Safety
By Charlie Papazian

A Toast To…

Great Lakes’ Pat Conway
By Jill Redding

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