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The New Brewer Magazine - Jan/Feb 2014


Ramping Up Server Training

It’s not just good beer and food that makes a brewpub successful; it’s the people who work there, too. The beer may sell itself, but somebody’s got to serve it—and do it well.
By Ginger Tin

Chef + Brewer = Elevated Pairings

There are fundamental similarities between the chef and brewer, and the use of ingredients and strategies can act as a canvas for elevated food and beer pairings.
By Sean Z. Paxton

Cask Ale: Expanding Your Beer Offerings

Craft breweries in the U.S. have been tinkering with this style of making and serving ales for quite a while now, but the practice is showing signs of real growth the last few years.
By Tom Hennessy

Growlers: The Next Generation

There’s no denying that what was once just a humble glass jug has become one of the hottest topics in the craft beer world. What’s next in the world of growlers?
By Jack Curtin

Combating Underage Drinking

As craft beer becomes a bigger part of the U.S. beer market, it’s important for craft ?brewers to begin to shoulder some of the responsibility for alcohol abuse prevention.
By Steve Hindy



It’s a Challenge to Be Number One
By Charlie Papazian

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BA on the Move
By Paul Gatza

A Toast To…

Mission’s John Egan
By Jill Redding


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