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Zymurgy Magazine - July/Aug 2013


11th Annual Best Beers in America

By Jill Redding and Amahl Turczyn Scheppach

The results are in! Each of the past 11 years, we’ve asked Zymurgy readers to vote for up to 20 of their favorite beers. A look at the results, plus clone recipes.

(Un)Real Ale: Cask Conditioning at Home

By Dave Carpenter

Cask-conditioned beer is delicious, and it is fundamentally quite simple. Fortunately, ?we can enjoy homebrewed real ale without subscribing to arbitrary restrictions.

The Session IPA

By Drew Beechum

What happens if we marry the hop rumble of the IPA with a pale ale- (or lower) strength beer? I would argue a wonderful thing happens—the session IPA.

Using a Refractometer

By Sean Terrill

If you’ve been brewing a while, you may have experienced frustration using a hydrometer. A refractometer can dramatically improve your brewing and is easy to use.


Editor's Desk

By Jill Redding

The Reality of Going Pro

From the Glass

By Gary Glass

Legal in All 50 States

World of Worts

By Charlie Papazian

The Americanization of Beer Styles

Last Drop

By Clint Cherepa

Ode to IPA

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