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Zymurgy Magazine - Nov/Dec 2013


Hop Bursting: Maximizing Hop Flavor and Aroma

By Mitch Steele

Hop bursting, which involves eliminating or minimizing the early kettle hop addition, can produce a smooth bitterness and enhanced hop flavor and aromatics.

Brewing Water Series: Ireland

By Martin Brungard

The first in a new series exploring the water quality of famous brewing centers, its effects on beer styles, and the relevance to modern day homebrewing.

Practical Tips for Sustainable Homebrewing

By Dan Schreffler

Sustainable brewing is producing the best possible beer in a socially, environmentally, and ethically responsible manner, while being economically viable.

Apples to Apples: Cider Yeast Comparison

By Stan Sisson

In the first published experiment from the AHA’s Research & Education Fund, the author experiments with several different yeast strains for one batch of cider.

Holiday Gift Guide

By Jill Redding

Looking for the perfect holiday gift for the beer lovers or homebrewers in your life? A peek at what’s new in the world of beer- and homebrew-related products and books.


Editor's Desk

By Jill Redding

Notes from Malt School

From the Glass

By Gary Glass

Learn to Homebrew Day

World of Worts

By Charlie Papazian

Take Care of Your Craft Beer

Last Drop

By Nathan Solheim

Brewing Misadventures

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