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Zymurgy Magazine - Nov/Dec 2012


Top 10 Modern Homebrew Flaws

By Gordon Strong

The author surveys a dozen BJCP judges of at least National rank at multiple ?homebrewing competitions to identify the most common faults they have seen.

Understanding Yeast Off Flavors

By Neva Parker

No one in the history of brewing has ever said, “I want my beer to taste like rotten eggs” or “I really want my beer to have the essence of nail polish.” So why does it happen?

The Art of Tasting Beer

By Ted Hausotter

Tasting beer in various situations including at different serving temperatures, in different glassware, and in comparison with other styles can be an eye-opening experience.

Grätzer: A Polish Original

By William Shawn Scott

This golden, low-gravity wheat ale, also called Grodziskie, first appeared centuries ago in the Polish city of Grodzisk, which lies in the western province of Wielkopolska.

Brewing on the Ones

By Drew Beechum

The first step on the path of brewing righteousness is to strip away all artifice and ?go straight for the ultra-simplicity of the Single Malt/Single Hop beer called SMaSH.



Editor's Desk

By Jill Redding

Notes from Hop School

From the Glass

By Gary Glass

Malt Tips from the Source

World of Worts

By Charlie Papazian

Ode to Hops

Last Drop

By Dave Carpenter

I Love You Beer, Worts and All

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