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The New Brewer Magazine - Nov/Dec 2012


2012 World Barley and Hops Harvest

The feed and malting barley markets begin to converge, while the high-alpha and flavor/aroma hops markets begin to diverge as craft brewing continues full steam ahead.
By Horst Dornbusch, Georg Drexler, Walter Konig, Rodrigo Vilches, and Ian Ward

Evolution to Revolution: American Aroma Hop Breeding

By the late 1990s, many craft brewers wanted something more, and breeders were ready to take up the cause. Thus began the next era in hop breeding.
By Jason Perrault

The Next Great ‘Impact’ Hop

Private and public breeding programs everywhere are looking for the new and exotic. Hops from the U.S. to Germany are being bred for fruity, exotic flavors and aromas.
By Stan Hieronmyus

Understanding a Malt Analysis

Growing conditions, soil, malting barley varieties, and the malt process all impact the attributes of finished malt. These variations make the Malt Analysis even more important.
By Dan Bies and Betsy Roberts

2012 BA Hop Usage Survey

The purpose of the BA Hop Usage Survey has been one of empowerment, serving a purpose not just of education, but of communication between brewers and growers.
By Dick Cantwell

Pharaoh Ale

The author and companions at the Portsmouth Brewery set out to replicate an ancient Egyptian brew using some concessions to modern tastes and equipment.
By Horst Dornbusch


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