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The New Brewer May/June 2013


Craft’s Growth Accelerates

Good times returned to the U.S. beer industry in 2012, and great times continued for the vast majority of America’s 2,347 craft breweries.
By Paul Gatza

Brewpubs: On the Front Line

Brewpubs produced 7.2 percent more beer in 2012 than in 2011, the fourth straight year of increases—and the largest.
By Stan Hieronymus

Micros: An American Success Story

The microbrewery segment grew by 33 percent in 2012 as 1,115 micros that produced beer for all or part of the year turned out nearly 2 million barrels.
By Jack Curtin

Regionals: The Age of Empire

For craft regionals, the biggest brake on expansion is often the lag time necessary to fashion stainless steel into tanks and pipes and valves.
By Greg Kitsock

Imports and Large Breweries: A Light in the Storm

It was a good year in the beer business in 2012. After losing 10 million barrels since 2007, the beer industry finally finds itself in positive territory, albeit barely.
By Harry Schuhmacher

PLUS: 2013 CBC Highlights


Online Extra

Coverage of Craft Brewers Conference in Washington, D.C.

By Jill Redding



The Importance of Declaring Independence
By Charlie Papazian

A Toast To…

Deschutes’ Gary Fish
By Jill Redding



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