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The New Brewer May/June 2012


A Banner Year for Craft

Two hundred and fifty breweries opened in the United States in 2011, providing one of many bright spots in a year in which craft brewer volumes grew 13 percent.

By Paul Gatza

Brewpubs: Third Straight Year of Growth

Craft brewpubs turned out 768,536 barrels of beer in 2011, a 5.6-percent increase over the 727,571 barrels produced in 2010.

By Jack Curtin

Micros: Making Room for More

In 2011, the headlines were about new local breweries, ongoing growth, and the hundreds of breweries in planning.
The sheer number has become a conversation itself.

By Stan Hieronymus

Regionals: In a Word, Bigger

Almost every regional craft brewery seems to have either undergone a major expansion or has drawn up blueprints for a build-out. Also, 11 more breweries joined the category.

By Greg Kitsock

Imports and Large Breweries: The Beast Awakens

The big brewers in 2011 seem to have woken up and at least have recognized the challenges posed by craft beer, spirits, wine, and non-alcoholic energy drinks.

By Harry Schuhmacher

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