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The New Brewer May/June 2011

The journal of the Brewers Association

Craft Beer Approaches the Tipping Point
By Paul Gatza

Brewpubs: Gaining Ground
By Jack Curtin

Micros: Local Goes Mainstream
By Stan Hieronymus

Regionals: Build, Baby, Build
By Greg Kitsock

Imports and Large Breweries: Are Big Beer Brands Dying?
By Harry Schuhmacher

Craft Beer by the Bay
By Abram Jill Reading

Established to help commercial start-ups find their way during the early days of the craft beer revolution, The New Brewer has evolved for nearly 20 years along with the maturing craft brewing community. Today, The New Brewer offers practical insights and advice for breweries that range in size from less than 500 barrels per year to more than 500,000. The content includes features on things like brewing technology and problem solving, pub and restaurant management and packaged beer sales and distribution. In addition, each issue of the magazine carries important industry news and charts industry sales and market share performance. The annual "Industry Review" (May-June) tallies production for every brewery in America, producing both regional and national lists of the biggest players in every sector.

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