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Zymurgy Magazine - Mar/April 2013


Brewing a Truly Local Beer

By Coleman Wood

The author takes on a quest to craft a homebrew using locally sourced malt, hops, water, and yeast. As he discovered, it takes a village to assemble a truly local beer.

Subtle and Savory Sake

By Paul “Zok” Zocco

American sake brewers are mastering the brewing techniques to produce complex sake. This sacred drink, which dates back to 710 AD, is also fairly easy to make at home.

Soda, Anyone? The Rejuvenating Tonic Bar

By Drew Beechum

Some beer festivals are the perfect opportunity to show the softer side of homebrewing with the art of soda making. These are beverages designed to cool and quench.

A Spoonful of Syrup Helps the Sour Beers Go Down

By Sean West

The author, wanting to serve his Berliner weisse mit schuss, finds few options for syrups without artificial colors and ingredients. The solution? He decides to craft his own.


Editor's Desk

By Jill Redding

Smoke and Oak

From the Glass

By Gary Glass

AHA Adds Web Coordinator

World of Worts

By Charlie Papazian

Coconuts at the Watering Hole

Last Drop

By Jason Rich

Ice Brewing? Why Not?

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