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Zymurgy Magazine - Jan/Feb 2013


10 Homebrew Gadgets

By Zymurgy readers

Zymurgy readers share their homebuilt homebrewing tools for solving problems and making the brew day go just a little bit more smoothly.

Constructing a Keezer

By Scott Pointon

A keezer is a chest freezer that has been modified with a temperature control unit to become a chest refrigerator, for the sole purpose of serving kegged beer.

Back to Basics

By Tom Hart

I love my high-tech brewing rig, but have come to realize bigger isn’t always better. I decided to reverse my gadget trajectory and build a 5-gallon, gravity-fed system.

Brew in a Bag

By Brad Smith

The basic idea behind BIAB is to use a single pot for both the mash and boil, with a bag to contain the grains during the mash. The process can save both money and time.

Oatmeal Stout…from Germany?

By Horst Dornbusch

Although oats are banned from German mash tuns by the Beer Purity Law, dark oat beers actually have a venerable and ancient tradition in the territory that is today’s Germany.



Editor's Desk

By Jill Redding

The Roots of Brewing

From the Glass

By Gary Glass

New AHA Programs in 2013

World of Worts

By Charlie Papazian

Red, White, or Brew?

Last Drop

By Andrew Elliott

Samichlaus Brew-In

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